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Wrong shirt.jpg
Oops, wrong shirt237 viewsThis is something I've been accused of, showing up at a Cub event advertising the competition. At least it's a red competitor.lurker carl
122 views Wrong Fluidsjeff silvey
Froghunter177 viewsChrome Hood Pc.Froghunter
Been sitting for many years...118 viewsI can only guess how long it's been sitting like this. Probably last ran in the early 80s. Don't know if anything was wrong with it at that time. My dad's health was getting bad at that time and he may have just parked it.Ronny Bailey
Hand Crank16 viewsWrong wayjeff silvey
Wrong 22 Mower Pulley 31 viewsWrong 22 Mower Pulleyscrewstick
just wrong73 viewsbrianj
LowBoy whitewalls124 viewsNice look! The rears were on the tractor when I got it. 154 LowBoy wheels have the wrong offset. I drilled the spot welds out and reversed the centers. They fit nice now.SteveC67
Poor cast on A&I aftermarket WaterPump28 viewsThe angle of the belt clearance cut on the inlet tube is wrong, no room for belt to spin without rubbing on inlet tube.
Tried to die grind some off, but cannot go deep enough without grinding a hole through the pipe.
Only cure now is to use a narrower than stock belt.
138 viewsBarnyard1
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