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Farmall tractor on WWII Memorial477 viewsAgriculture bas-relief sculpture by sculptor Ray Kaskey. Located on the National WWII Memorial in Washington DC. September 2004.1541
JX55323 viewsDonny M
DSCN52458384DSCN5245 (Small)~0.JPG
17 Farmalls328 viewson US 1 in MaineBuzzard Wing
Yard Ornament373 viewsThis is my F-14 parts tractor turned into a yard ornamentbillyandmillie
DSCN5544 (Small).JPG
IHC steam(?) engine208 viewsAt a show in Ludlow VT 9/25/05Buzzard Wing
DSCN5548 (Small).JPG
Big and not as big324 viewsLudlow VT show 09/25/2005Buzzard Wing
DSCN5546 (Small).JPG
Super M hi Crop208 viewsLudlow VT 09/25/05Buzzard Wing
GITractorman - 1977 International Cub 1311 viewsgitractorman
GITractorman - 1977 International Cub 2260 viewsgitractorman
GITractorman - 1977 International Cub with Blade601 viewsgitractorman
cub plow324 viewsJust bought this plow and I am trying to find out which it is and what I need to hook it upCowboy
Cub at work304 viewsIts a bit blury but I was driving over this pile of stone that has been sitting next to my drive way cutting it down and spreading it on my driveway CowboyCowboy
Raising rear assy3 (Small).jpg
269 viewsBigdog
Fresh Engine 45 BN (Small).jpg
423 viewsBigdog
Finished main attachment 2 (Small).jpg
263 viewsBigdog
45 BN Tractor Front Left 002 (Small).jpg
332 viewsBigdog
Gunk Pan224 viewspatbretagne
100_0231 (Small).jpg
Spring Snow262 views3/20/06 25" snowstorm in Tilden. NebraskaBill the Builder
Loading Plough.jpg
275 viewspatbretagne
BobRs_IHC_Cub322 viewssiii8873
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