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11-12-05 004 (Medium).jpg
Ammeter and Headlight switch - 58 Cub443 viewsJeremy58Cub
Ammeter 12-10-05 005 (Medium).jpg
Ammeter reading with Cub running at med idle68 viewsJeremy58Cub
Ammeter 12-10-05 004 (Medium).jpg
New Voltage Regulator 6 volt/Pos ground55 viewsJeremy58Cub
Ammeter 12-10-05 003 (Medium).jpg
Ammeter reading after pulling out the switch, before cranking60 viewsJeremy58Cub
Ammeter 12-10-05 002 (Medium).jpg
Ammeter reading when battery is disconnected55 viewsJeremy58Cub
14 viewsTexCub
Dash panel with PSI, flow meter, flow control valve, and tach55 viewsbillyandmillie
1440 hour meter reads 66521 viewscub62932
66 viewsRick Prentice, Larry Dotson, Nik Robel, & Bill Poor going over the numbers produced by the tractors on the dynometer.Bill (TAMU '78)
70 viewsRick, turning the valve and writing down the numbers for the Cub on the dynomometer.Bill (TAMU '78)
84 viewsSeems that the presence of the dynomometer prompted many owners and others to tweak the carb for more power.Bill (TAMU '78)
Cub Hour Meter144 viewsschmibm
IH ammeter face14 viewsB&W image of the ammeter face from a '51 Cub. Useful to cover an existing damaged meter face. Print the image so that distance between arrow points is 1 3/4". To Apply, cut out the kidney-shaped hole between "AMPERES' and the IH logo. Spray the back of the image with a spray adhesive. Slide the ammeter needle through the hole and line up the image. Lightly press the new face into place. Reassemble the ammeter.ShadeTree
delete21 viewsShadeTree
Cecil's Feb 2009 Minifest73 viewsusing a micrometer to measure the rod journal diameter on the crankshaftlurker carl
The modofied PTO shaft-1" diameter with keyway31 viewsawander
23 viewsBigdog
25 viewsBigdog
15 viewsThe boom cradle rests on the drawbar of the cub, af forward as possible. The tube is made from a 10" long pipe, with sides 1/4" thick and inside diameter = 3". The horizontal angle iron is 3" x 3" x 3/8", and is 28-1/2" long. The welded end of the pipe is cut at 45-degree angles so it can be welded to the angle iron on all sides. The cradle is kept in place on the drawbar by a J-bolt on either end of the angle iron. The cradle not only supports the boom, but keeps it from tipping left or right.tulalipjames
main jet20 viewsMike in Louisiana
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