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'48 Cub 3 point298 viewsnot finished yet, but an idea showing the 3 lever control valve. The left lever has the float option added. It's hooked up to the 3 point lift cylinder. The center lever controls the frt power angle, the right controls the rear power angle or whatever you put that cylinder on.billyandmillie
Engine Left.jpg
Left side of engine555 viewswilfreeman
Left side53 viewsSUPERC_1
cantrell cub 05.JPG
family cubs70 viewsDad and Grandad's Cubs. I'm restoring Grandad's '57 (left)brian c
cantrell cub 03.JPG
family cubs 273 viewsDad and Grandad's Cubs. I'm restoring Grandad's '57 (left)brian c
Station Agent on Loboy.jpg
On the Platform85 viewsThis is about 1980, a warm spring day. Not sure if the passenger train has just left or is about to arrive. The driver is the station agent, a job he did for at least 20 years. EZ
45 BN Tractor Front Left 002 (Small).jpg
293 viewsBigdog
Cub left (Small).jpg
JLollis' cub left419 viewsJLollis
Left side knuckle and axel clamp31 viewsLance Leitzel
Francis, Sister, Buster (left to right)69 viewsRussell F
Pictures 022.jpg
'58 Farmall Cub left emblems67 viewsturquoise farms
Cub left.JPG
Cub left31 viewsPsycho
100_0245 (Small).jpg
#913 left view21 viewsBill the Builder
Hay Rake Wheel 1238 viewsIHC MC-D Self-Dump Hay Rake (Type M")
Hay Rake Wheel (Left Side)
cub pics 061.jpg
Rear wheels69 viewsOne on the left ready for paint. One on right ready for primer, to look like the other.MelonKing
Pictures 058.jpg
harley left32 viewsturquoise farms
F130 Left83 viewsF130 sitting in the evening sun of April.EZ
Picture 001.jpg
Farmall Cub Left Side197 viewsLeft side of Cub with 1Pt Fast Hitch and sickle mower.mark1757
Cowboy's Roses89 viewsthe two roses at the bottom
left Betty Boop
right Nicole
Lil -- left side95 viewsThe engine casting number on this side has an 'X' (part made in 1952) but one under the manifold has an 'R' code (for 1948). The serial number plate indicates 1948. Majority rules, so I'm sticking with that.FarmLadyWannaB
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