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Plowing towards house (Small).jpg
50 viewsBigdog
Cubs Home55 viewsThis used to be a school house at one time many years ago.grumpy
Northern F13099 viewsWho knew? This little gem has been sitting 20 min. from my house for many years. I heard alot about this red tractor, but nobody knew exactly what it was. It is a 1957. EZ
Clem(in the middle) his Paster, and his SOn-in-Law withthe stuff, at Andy Wander's house.48 viewsawander
56 viewsBigdog
135 viewsfront right side view in front of houserustynuts
1967 Farmall Cub38 viewsThis is my first Cub, a 1967 "square hood" model, the day it came home to Mom and Dad's house. Not much to look at, but it's got a new engine.Matt Kirsch
Winter Wonderland looking toward house47 viewsDec 28/06EZ
House Garden Plowed94 viewsPeter Person
Changing Plugs39 viewsChanged plugs and he FIRED RIGHT UP. This is 5-16-07 at BigDog's house in Stoutsvile, OHWisconsinCubMan
1951 Cub on August 4th, 2006225 viewsThis is the day I brought my project home. All I have done in this picture is unload it from the trailer and house it off. It was disassemble to this point when I purchased it.ckcbecker
Cabin adult door47 viewsLog sided cabin showing the adult dooredward1960
Mini-Victorian48 viewsedward1960
Treeless treehouse58 viewsElivated playhouse IN the trees not ON the trees (they were too small to support the weightedward1960
One for the girls52 viewsThis playhouse is very popular with young girls (any female under 85) It is the shape and shutters not just the color.edward1960
Cabin68 viewslog sided cabin with front porch, yes I can and do build them big enough for adults (I do a few log houses for those who want a real log house not a modern design with log stack walls, in particular I use site grown trees)
Note: a propertly thought through log house is LESS expensive than comparable stick built. BUT the design must be for a log structure. Few commerically available log houses are properly designed.
163 viewspwl
140 viewspwl
The Stripping Crew42 viewsMike "Glassman" Bourgeois and my eldest daughter Sabrina "Bri". I could not do any of the projects around her without my girls. Bri has been involved in every major project for the last 20 years.. Right from when she was 3 and helping Dad build the house!Rudi
Granny ?33 viewsShe looks kinda small from 20 feet up... but kinda cute right next to Spook's house.Rudi
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