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Ain't she pretty.52 viewsCecil
IMG_0499 (Small).JPG
Ready to roll!84 viewsBigdog
just home (Small).jpg
1949 just home from estate auction64 viewsGary L
restored 49 cub#1.JPG
restored 49 cub#1743 viewsmac from ns
162 viewsBigdog
billy-in-black, millie-in-white240 viewsbillyandmillie
DSCN5649 (Small).JPG
It's a demo624 viewsSaw this one at a small local fair, white under the red and yellowBuzzard Wing
My C and bucket43 views1949 C and Bucketjostev
112 viewslurker carl
As found with sidelight stalk and "Shed" as george calls it64 viewspatbretagne
149Tractor Front.JPG
CC 149 Restored by my father in 1998617 viewsgitractorman
Rear of dashlight thingy, showing bracket44 viewsI have a little dashlight that appears rather professionally installed, as you can see from this pic of the bracket in rear of dash. Jim Becker says the hole was intended for the fuse holder, which was not installed in 49. models, even though the dash with the hole was used since mid 49. glassnegman
My Dash, including dashlight44 viewsThis is my dash, from the 49, showing the barebulb dashlight in the fuseholder hole. I don't know if you can see the scratchmarks, but it would appear something fit over the top of the bare bulb, from the front side.glassnegman
49 cub going together455 viewsalanpcubs
brianj's '49591 viewsJanuary '03 with old homemade plow. Far too heavy but did the job for two winters here and many with PO.brianj
49Cub 2006 (Small).JPG
429 viewsBigdog
441 viewsgrumpy
Cubs Home55 viewsThis used to be a school house at one time many years ago.grumpy
25 viewsHave orig. handcrank, Floorboards look decent (no rust)grumpy
20 viewsLevers not PC but they work.grumpy
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