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Henderson loader bucket477 viewsA few other people have this same "manure bucket," which Jim Becker correctly identified as a Henderson. I found other pics of it on the site by searching on 'loader'. Unfortunately I can't tell the model # because it's covered smooth with red paint (see pic). Given the warnings about putting a (HEAVY!) front loader on a Cub, I'm not sure I want to attach it.FarmLadyWannaBJul 19, 2006
Parts that came with my Cub213 viewsExcept for the PTO adapter at left, the others go with the Henderson loader (see pic), but I don't know how it all goes together.FarmLadyWannaBJul 19, 2006
Henderson Loader serial number plate145 viewsUnfortunately the red enamel makes it impossible to read the Model and Serial Number. I thought paint thinner would take it off, but NO. Tried a wire brush (lightly) & gave up. If this is Superpaint from the planet Krypton, I'd sure like to know where to buy it!FarmLadyWannaBJul 19, 2006
Loader hydraulic valves(?)113 viewsCame with the Henderson front bucket, but it's like getting a jigsaw puzzle with no picture.FarmLadyWannaBJul 19, 2006

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FarmLadyWannaB and 'Lil'80 viewsRear tires are in real good shade, with wheel weights but filled with Ca Cl.FarmLadyWannaBJul 19, 2006