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Coming off the trailer posed, not running!676 viewspatbretagne
Mystery Part (pic 2)673 viewsThis Part was on the right rear final drive housing. I can't seem to find any documentation for it. If you know what this is, please let me know. Thank you.outbacklane
DSCN5650 (Small).JPG
white underneath the other two colors671 viewsBuzzard Wing
DSCN5669 (Small).JPG
Demo and another Cub670 viewsHarvest Fair, Norman Bird Sanctuary. Middletown, RI
Buzzard Wing
DSCN5636 (Small).JPG
Kid enjoying a Cub668 viewsHarvest Fair Middletown RIBuzzard Wing
IMG_2222 (Small).JPG
IH-1000 Oddity667 viewsIH-1000 Oddityallenlook
Rt. side of cradle666 viewsYou can see how the cradle is constructed, to remount the front bolster.Gary Dotson
Cub Side.jpg
Right Side666 viewswilfreeman
Kacy's 1953 FCUB***Jenny666 viewsCub-Bud
Building site prep664 viewssite as of 7-31-08danovercash
Lt. side engine661 viewsCheck out the hyd. pump! It's a BMW pwr. steering pump.Gary Dotson
DSC01471 (Small).JPG
1950 Demo660 viewsalanpcubs
Cowboy's Cub 2657 viewsCowboy
IMG_2218 (Small).JPG
IH-1000 Oddity656 viewsIH-1000 Oddityallenlook
Mott Idler Bracket656 viewscvo
View from Rt. Frt.655 viewsAnother view of the plateGary Dotson
Cub_54A blade rear.jpg
Cub with chains654 views54A blade widened 2' and rubber extensionSteveC67
DSC014741 (Small).JPG
1950 demo2654 viewsalanpcubs
652 viewsDale51
Cub 2.jpg
New Cub648 viewsTractor Tom
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