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windmill228 viewsThis windmill has been restored to working condition. It is mounted on a trailer, much easier to see up close than on a tower. This particular windmill has a mechanism to prevent over-speed in high wind.lurker carl
EJP and Missy.jpg
EJP and Missy251 viewsJohn is working the good earth.lurker carl
3 bag mulcher/grass vac1411 viewsConverted JD grass/leaf mulcher vac. Works great!billyandmillie
Step 9 - Checking your work197 viewsTo check your work, click "My gallery" in the top menu.lildog
Ford Baler.JPG
My Baler55 viewsMy Ford 504-1 Baler, It semi works needs welding on the needlejostev
cantrell cub 02.JPG
my 5767 viewsMy grandad's '57 Cub. Restoration work starting Oct 05.brian c
Restored 1948 Farmall Cub728 views 1948 Cub restored. My 1st restoration I am now working on a 1948 Farmall Super A that is 95% done. But I am still a cub man !!! Bill from Seneca,ILcubcrazybill
Boat winch rigged to raise and lower Hyd press bed23 viewsThis was a temporary rigging some 15 years ago to test the theory if this would work. It's still working. I bolted the winch to the press using the existing holes in the winch. I had purchased a 450 foot roll of vinyl covered aircraft cable from a yard sale so I used it for the cable. A couple of pulleys from the hardware store and some aircraft cable clamps is all it took. Works great.DaveSaver
Cub at work323 viewsIts a bit blury but I was driving over this pile of stone that has been sitting next to my drive way cutting it down and spreading it on my driveway CowboyCowboy
Welding192 viewsMe working on my welding table/ cart. Looks like quite an arc!kinelbor
What is it and how does it work Plouigneau 2005160 viewspatbretagne
25 viewsLevers not PC but they work.grumpy
300U web.jpg
300U, a little workhorse36 viewsTractor Tom
70 2006 03_24 1st mow2.JPG
1st mow 132 viewsHaven't finished the hood "body work" yet, but had to cut the grass. Mows well with Danco C-1.brian c
70 2006 03_24 1st mow.JPG
1st mow228 viewsHaven't finished the hood "body work" yet, but had to cut the grass. Mows well with Danco C-1.brian c
DSCN2807 (Small).JPG
Father and Son29 viewsnow the Cub has worked for 4 generations.Stans Cub
95 finished (3) (Small).JPG
Finished!60 viewsTractor is finished. The C1 mower deck still needs some work.brian c
s sticker2.jpg
Hobensack's Dealer Sticker103 viewsfindoggy
s sticker1.jpg
Original Dealer Sticker204 viewsfindoggy
security chain276 viewsThese workLil Red
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