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'52 Cub789 viewsWoods 7500 backhoe, converted, and a homemade front armbillyandmillie
'52 Cub382 viewsWoods 59, first homemade 3 point with 5' box billyandmillie
1951 Cub with woods 59 deck.76 viewsSide view. Not perfect but it sure does mow really good.SUPERC_1
Woods Mower Pics 006.jpg
133 viewsBigdog
Woods Mower Pics 005.jpg
152 viewsBigdog
Woods Mower Pics 001.jpg
127 viewsBigdog
Rotation of Woods Mower Pics 008.jpg
114 viewsBigdog
Pictures 060.jpg
woods mower52 viewsturquoise farms
Pictures 080.jpg
woods mower emblem43 viewsturquoise farms
Pictures 079.jpg
woods mower46 viewsturquoise farms
Pictures 078.jpg
woods mower43 viewsturquoise farms
Pictures 077.jpg
woods mower and little bit37 viewsturquoise farms
woods 42 mower deck84 viewsSteve Ruddy
Woods Mower Bracket.61 viewsLance Leitzel
Zoom-in on 42CL-5 Mounting Bracket24 viewsLance Leitzel
Frank cutting grass.jpg
Frank cutting grass156 viewsMy BIL cutting the new field of dreams with the 1975 Cub with Woods 59 mower. His first Cub experience.lurker carl
Dozer off the ground on trees171 viewsMaking a road up to our property in the woods Michigan's UPCowboy
Loboy Woods 42444 viewsKodiak
Woods 317956 viewsLance Leitzel
69 viewsbald
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