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Whose bath was it?317 viewsJust looked up and the dog was in the tub with the boy.lildog
Cub with mill.JPG
Cub powering a mill266 viewsThis corn cracker and grading mill was at SCRAP during their Labor Day 2003 show. The Cub had no problems running the mill. "Jimmy crack corn and I don't care" lurker carl
Cub n' dawg397 viewsThis is a picture of my dog, willie, and "Riley" with her 193 plowScotty D
Lister diesel engine with generator power head232 viewsSingle cylinder, 6 hp Indian made engine. Original design is British and this particular engine has been in production since the 1930s. Lister is still in business but production of these engines is now in the hands of Indian foundries and machine shops.lurker carl
stay away from these.JPG
Ball Bearing Type Through out bearing with 2 hours run time171 viewsSplit the cub twice after painted because of these, ended up installing original type graphite bearing, no problem since..Gary L
'52 Cub391 viewsWoods 59, first homemade 3 point with 5' box billyandmillie
1951 Cub with woods 59 deck.76 viewsSide view. Not perfect but it sure does mow really good.SUPERC_1
H with loggin' chains61 viewsThe H with logging chains, at least the weight bar is good for something besides weight.jostev
Step 6 - Verification confirmation190 viewsAfter clicking the verification link, you'll be taken to back to the Photo Gallery with a confirmation message. Click "Continue" to be taken to the main Photo Gallery page.lildog
As found with sidelight stalk and "Shed" as george calls it124 viewspatbretagne
1948 Farnall Cub after restoration, Owner Bill fron Seneca,IL845 views1948 Farmall Cub after restoring painted with PPG Paintcubcrazybill
1948 Cub with big brother591 viewsMy 1948 Cub with bigger brother 1948 Super A my second restoration almost done. Owner Bill from Seneca ,IL,cubcrazybill
GITractorman - 1977 International Cub with Blade678 viewsgitractorman
Rear of dashlight thingy, showing bracket60 viewsI have a little dashlight that appears rather professionally installed, as you can see from this pic of the bracket in rear of dash. Jim Becker says the hole was intended for the fuse holder, which was not installed in 49. models, even though the dash with the hole was used since mid 49. glassnegman
Vinyl coated aircraft cable attached to press bed14 viewsI just drilled two holes and threaded the cable through and attached back to it's self with a cable clampDaveSaver
Winch with cable going up to first pulley16 viewsI ran off a length of cable doubled it and attached it to the winch. One half dropped to the winch side of the bed and the other half over the top through two pulleys one on each side of the top of the press.DaveSaver
NoŽlle with Viki131 viewspatbretagne
Nik Cub610 viewsMe on my cub riding around for the first time with the gas tank on.kinelbor
Cub with Loader arms only665 viewsLoader is attached with one cylinder in place. Fits well.kinelbor
Rockshaft with the bellcrank extension from TM Tractor-you can see that the hole in the rockshaft is about the same distance from ctr of rotation.46 viewsawander
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