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Christopher with a 182 and a 170 lbs. watermelons196 viewsMelonKing
Larry Matalas' Custom Stainless Steel Cub464 views14 Years of work..."grins" as Larry says Beautiful machine work, and pieces modified from things you would not believe....can you find the pet watering dish?Arizona Mike
14 viewsTexCub
lower water feed pipe14 viewslower water feed pipedrspiff
Setting the Rear Beam Pocket42 viewsBruce, me, Roger and Frankie with my brother in law Ray leaning up against theshop. Without his equipment this project was dead in the water.... Rudi
Cutting the Driveway67 viewsA couple years ago another company that did some work here ruined the driveway. So they had to fix it. Their operator lifted the driveway too high.. oh about 6 inches and the driveway became higher than the concrete floor of the shop. Oooops.... that means water problems....Rudi
70 viewsmuleboss
Creeks a rising!62 viewsWell 3:00 am I hear water rushing. Get the spot light and look at the creek. waters up on to the bridge. Six or seven feet up from its normal level. Probably the third highest that is been in the eight years I have been here. 3.14 inches of rain last nite. But the water level is already going down. 2-6-08Cowboy
Pond for the firehose pump10 viewsGoing to use this for a water resivor to control the fire on the brush pileCowboy
Loran and Robby in the water13 viewsCowboy
Radiator picture136 viewsI'm suprised this thing still holds water. Three patches with what looks like melted lead, Top left, Upper third right side , Middle left.hschwartz3
10 viewsCorky's Cub
Almost Done-10113 viewsThe foundation/grade line was sealed against moisture ingress. 45mm to 65mm salvaged rubber dam and salvaged tractor trailer or loader inner tubes were cut to size then stapled and nailed to the building and then buried about 12" deep around the entire building.

The ridge was sealed the same way so that no snow or rain etc., would leak into the new building or onto the old roof which leaked. Now it is dry and actually quite warm when the sun is shining. Lots of ventilation, but no openings for water.
Cecil's 2009 February Cubfest122 viewsheadless engine, mice used the water jacket for sunflower seed storagelurker carl
YUK! Look at all of that watery/oily/grassy/stinky JUNK!129 viewsTodd W's right Axle Extension...needing to be cleaned upWisconsinCubMan
dummy plates to cover starter and water holes13 viewsGary Boutwell
Alternator water neck9 viewsBob in CT
water11 viewsdakcub
Carryall (1)32 viewsHere is a quick, simple to make, EZ on and off, carryall I threw together...We have extra milk crates here from when a dairy converted to plastic ones...add a piece of 3/4 " plywood and a couple pins....ready to go.
[Water cooler not included]
Winfield Dave
cubwatercolor18 viewsgroove critter
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