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New Fuel Line30 viewsnot as safe as steel but needs the shut off until I replace the sediment bowl and rebuild carb.Stans Cub
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Hobensack's Dealer Sticker103 viewsfindoggy
CUBand130220 viewsThe 130 will spend the winter here with the Cub until adoption in the spring.EZ
Before19 viewsThe Cub had not moved from this spot in my grandpa's barn in over 20 years until this month.aftermac
Center shaft61 viewsThis is the shaft of the switch removed from the body. Note the contact spring. This spring contacts the shaft housing maintaining a good electrical contact. Re-assembly of the switch requires compressing this spring into the shaft until the shaft has passed into the small bore in the front of the switch housing.Bigdog
Starter13 viewsThis is my first look at this. It was covered up by the planter setup until now.Ronny Bailey
Uncovered12 viewsThis was covered in dirt until now. You can tell how deep it was by looking at the rim.Ronny Bailey
Dunno118 viewsGuess it is better to wait until you can get this tractor back to a shop and tear it down...WisconsinCubMan
drive line repair / restoration started58 viewsIts time to fabricate the new front tractor jack too. My design will be so the front bolster can be mounted to the front tractor jack and the tractor can be assembled from there on until the rear jack is needed.BigBill
36 viewsNice and clean now. Just have to wait until the kit comes in. I closed it all back up.EZ
97 viewsSomeone needs to tell Jeff that the peddle pull isn't until August after the Cub Tug1541
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