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ATIS Tractors - Portland 2005141 viewsBigdog
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Wallis Tractors124 viewsBigdog
Farmall tractor on WWII Memorial525 viewsAgriculture bas-relief sculpture by sculptor Ray Kaskey. Located on the National WWII Memorial in Washington DC. September 2004.1541
TADPOLE257 viewsMethod of avoiding BigDog's Cub Locator Beacon by building a large white box and parking your tractor in it.allenlook
Yard Ornament423 viewsThis is my F-14 parts tractor turned into a yard ornamentbillyandmillie
MTD_995 Garden_Tractor_003.jpg
1992 MTD 995196 views1541
MTD_995 Garden_Tractor_002.jpg
1992 MTD 995 Rear View401 views1541
MTD_995 Garden_Tractor_001.jpg
MTD 995 Garden Tractor and implements361 views54" Snow Blade, 3pt disk, 12" Brinly 3pt plow, not shown 50" mowing deck.1541
Johns Racing Tractor.jpg
John's Racing Tractor235 viewsAin't much to look at but runs Great!!!Kodiak
Finally. The base tractor is done.137 viewsCecil
Cubmerged1412 viewsFarmall tractor submerged in farm pond.allenlook
'52 Cub mowing tractor324 viewsconverted JD grass/leaf catcher/mulcherbillyandmillie
Twins357 viewsThis could have been what you would have seen in 1951 on the delivery of your new tractor from the local IH dealer.SUPERC_1
Joey Chitwood Gone Tractors97 viewsI found this browsing the net.jostev
Mom's B64 views1941 B and some Green No. 5 Mower, I know it's green but it's alot easier to get on and off the tractorjostev
electrical98 viewsThe voltage regulator clearly shows 6V. Tractor had 12V battery and negative ground. What gives?brian c
612 viewsBefore picture of my 1948 Cubcubcrazybill
1948 Farnall Cub after restoration, Owner Bill fron Seneca,IL835 views1948 Farmall Cub after restoring painted with PPG Paintcubcrazybill
1948 Farmall CUB870 viewsReady to go two the tractor showcubcrazybill
149Tractor Front.JPG
CC 149 Restored by my father in 1998779 viewsgitractorman
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