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40 halves.JPG
split49 viewssplit in two for general inspection, replacing seals, and replacing torque tube with busted out implement attachment threads.brian c
21 problem.JPG
Problem closeup40 viewsThreads for implement attach were busted out. I just replaced the whole torque tube with a used one from JP. Part was about $50. Shipping was twice that.brian c
Rudi only wants the floor pan, not the torque tube117 viewslurker carl
marking the exact spot for the first bend on the torque tube tie-downs58 viewsbillyandmillie
turntable bending the torque tube tie-downs82 viewsbillyandmillie
Prime Painting Torque Tube21 viewsBill V in Md
17 viewspwl
#1---New heavy duty frt tie-down63 viewsThis newer design replaces the older ones that were also used on the sides of the torque tube.billyandmillie
An adjustable 7/8" rod, split in the middle, turnbuckle style used to put tension on the front ear129 viewsThe rod with the long arrow is adjustable. Flats are milled onto the rod below the starter to grip during adjustments. Just place a feeler guage between the back engine ear and the rod, adjust till the fit is reached, remove the feeler, then torque the back bolt which places that much tension on the front earbillyandmillie
10 viewsCorky's Cub
Torque tube after wire brushing57 viewspapermaker
52 years of crude in torque tube22 viewsGary Boutwell
Torque tube13 viewsWhite paint showing throughPhil S.
10 viewsBill V in Md
IH bolt torque ratings35 viewsBob in CT
place jack here to lift slowly59 viewsRick Prentice
13 viewsThe chain is hooked on a fabricated bracket made of hardened 1/4" steel. The bracket is bolted bolted to the lower mount on the right side of the torque tube. The bracket is bent out so the chain does not rub on the clutch pedal.tulalipjames
17 viewsThe boom pole is inserted into the cradle, and the supporting chain goes under the seat and under the clutch, and is hooked to a special bracket bolted to the torque tube.tulalipjames
17 viewsGrader blade plate for torque tubeEZ
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