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Mt Washington Railroad.JPG
Mount Washington Cog Railroad382 viewsThis particular steam engine runs a cog on a long toothed rack to propel the train up and down the steep slopes of Mount Washington. The only purpose for the track is to keep the cog in the rack. The rear of the boiler is tilted up so it is more or less level as the engine traverses the mountain grade.lurker carl
sep30-05 (Small).jpg
I like old bikes too...My 1954 Schwinn Streamliner189 viewsGary L
Step 2 - Create / Order My Albums194 viewsOn the toolbar under the top menu, click the "Create / Order My Albums" button.lildog
Took front axle off to get 2 cubs on trailer708 viewspatbretagne
snow  cub 2..JPG
My 1952 Cub and 54A blade115 viewsThe cub doing some plowing. In october, it's too early for snow :)jostev
Snow, again73 viewsTOO EARLY!!!jostev
The snow on October 25th66 viewsToo early, that's all i have to say, need to get the wood done first.jostev
Boat winch rigged to raise and lower Hyd press bed23 viewsThis was a temporary rigging some 15 years ago to test the theory if this would work. It's still working. I bolted the winch to the press using the existing holes in the winch. I had purchased a 450 foot roll of vinyl covered aircraft cable from a yard sale so I used it for the cable. A couple of pulleys from the hardware store and some aircraft cable clamps is all it took. Works great.DaveSaver
brianj's '49721 viewsJanuary '03 with old homemade plow. Far too heavy but did the job for two winters here and many with PO.brianj
44 rear end2.JPG
clean rear end44 viewsDifferential after cleaning with kerosene and a toothbrush. Found the original set screw for the PTO shifter in the drained out fluid.brian c
42 transmission after.JPG
Clean tranny41 viewsTranny after cleaning with kerosene and toothbrush.brian c
hl 7.JPG
bulb32 viewsThis is a #4511 PAR 36 sealed lamp I got from TSC for $8 (Napa has them too). With a little modification this can be used for the single post original that costs $36. brian c
Toolmans Toy428 viewstoolman007
HEY RUDI !! CHECK THIS OUT !!220 viewswhere's the green stuff? Plowin w/194 plow with coulter and combo-jointer. Too cool!Marion(57 Loboy)
35 viewsI took it apart more than this today.dkeller
"wait. lets get the kids up here too....."56 viewsawander
59 views"Wait, let's get the kids up on here too..."awander
Old Tooth - New Tooth36 viewsPeter Person
Ron Luebke's 53 Cub1114 viewsVery nice trailer too!Kodiak
114 views60's clutch toolrustynuts
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