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40 halves.JPG
split49 viewssplit in two for general inspection, replacing seals, and replacing torque tube with busted out implement attachment threads.brian c
21 problem.JPG
Problem closeup40 viewsThreads for implement attach were busted out. I just replaced the whole torque tube with a used one from JP. Part was about $50. Shipping was twice that.brian c
Scotty cleans up threads.118 viewsCecil
Scotty chasing threads82 viewsCecil
Billy's Heel Bolt61 viewsBolt is used on foot of GA plow stock. Has coarse threads and nut fit is loose so that dirt won't pack up in threads and make it difficult to remove. Tightens with hammer, rock. or whatever.Pete1941
Heel Bolt53 viewsAnother size of heel bolt with coarse loose threads to prevent packing of dirt in threads and making removal hard. Hammer on and off with hammer, rock or whatever.Pete1941
Goobered up Tranny21 viewsHelicoiled threads, brazed AND cracked... The final drive will need to be replaced eventually, too...WisconsinCubMan
Radiator Drain Hole15 viewsDamaged ThreadsBill V in Md
22 Mower Shaft Threads28 views22 Mower Shaft Threadsscrewstick
axle threads21 viewselkshead
Phildidit and Dale Finch work on the threads of an exhaust manifold196 viewsBarnyard
9 viewsThreads restored. Rental cost was $15 for 3 hours. Couldn't buy a good used manifold for that.Stanton
9 viewsRented a 2" tap to redress the manifold threads. The existing exhaust pipe had stripped threads and just sat down in the manifold. All those years of wobbling around in there rounded off the manifold threads and/or filled them with black soot. First, I tried using a 2" pipe nipple, but it wouldn't grab and center itself to cut; just kept popping out even with pressure and tapping with a mallet. So, I called the rental shop and rented a 2" pipe tap. Was tough to turn at the end. But do-able.Stanton
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