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Super M hi Crop253 viewsLudlow VT 09/25/05Buzzard Wing
Shels Super C.JPG
50 viewsjostev
1948 Cub with big brother612 viewsMy 1948 Cub with bigger brother 1948 Super A my second restoration almost done. Owner Bill from Seneca ,IL,cubcrazybill
Restored 1948 Farmall Cub749 views 1948 Cub restored. My 1st restoration I am now working on a 1948 Farmall Super A that is 95% done. But I am still a cub man !!! Bill from Seneca,ILcubcrazybill
Converted Quadrant74 viewsThis is the converted quadrant from the original master control lever, rather tastefully done, I might add. My DTC has a super-heavy assist spring despit its rather beefy hydraulics.glassnegman
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Super A60 viewsallenlook
img_2271 (Small).jpg
Super A59 viewsallenlook
img_2270 (Small).jpg
Super A59 viewsallenlook
img_2269 (Small).jpg
Super A69 viewsallenlook
img_2268 (Small).jpg
Super A70 viewsallenlook
img_2277 (Small).jpg
Super A74 viewsallenlook
img_2276 (Small).jpg
Super A63 viewsallenlook
img_2275 (Small).jpg
Super A65 viewsallenlook
img_2274 (Small).jpg
Super A61 viewsallenlook
img_2273 (Small).jpg
Super A62 viewsallenlook
img_2282 (Small).jpg
Super A33 viewsallenlook
img_2281 (Small).jpg
Super A33 viewsallenlook
img_2280 (Small).jpg
Super A28 viewsallenlook
img_2279 (Small).jpg
Super A29 viewsallenlook
img_2278 (Small).jpg
Super A33 viewsallenlook
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