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Right Side.jpg
"William B."157 viewsRestoration done by Clark Thompson of Hubbard, OH.don mccombs
Loose Hay Elevator Side View79 viewsThe loose hay elevator I got the other day for 100$, needs all wood replaced but fair price I thought espicially that it is an IH!jostev
Engine Right.jpg
Right side of engine778 viewswilfreeman
Engine Left.jpg
Left side of engine658 viewswilfreeman
Cub Side2.jpg
Right side773 viewswilfreeman
Cub Side.jpg
Right Side644 viewswilfreeman
1951 Cub with woods 59 deck.76 viewsSide view. Not perfect but it sure does mow really good.SUPERC_1
Left side83 viewsSUPERC_1
Side View of the H40 views1948 Hjostev
Side View of the H42 views1948 Hjostev
H with loggin' chains61 viewsThe H with logging chains, at least the weight bar is good for something besides weight.jostev
the H52 viewsA side view of the Hjostev
As found with sidelight stalk and "Shed" as george calls it124 viewspatbretagne
Another Shot from Ohio's Heritage66 viewsAn inside page from the Cubfest articlelildog
Right Side Avatar.jpg
Don McCombs Avatar85 viewsdon mccombs
My Dash, including dashlight60 viewsThis is my dash, from the 49, showing the barebulb dashlight in the fuseholder hole. I don't know if you can see the scratchmarks, but it would appear something fit over the top of the bare bulb, from the front side.glassnegman
Aircraft cable from winch to other side20 viewsWelded a rod across the top of the press and then clamped a pulley to the rod. Did this on both sides.DaveSaver
Winch with cable going up to first pulley16 viewsI ran off a length of cable doubled it and attached it to the winch. One half dropped to the winch side of the bed and the other half over the top through two pulleys one on each side of the top of the press.DaveSaver
Me on side veiw (Small).jpg
50 viewsBigdog
from bottom of pressure plate.jpg
clutch finger adj from face side212 viewsrick 48 cub
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