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Cowboy's Road114 viewsWiding out the lower section of road and cutting in the ditchCowboy
Trusses Almost Done56 viewsAll 16 of the trusses are almost done. This is the first 24 foot section of the trusses for the pole barn and new shop roof. You can see the end that will sit on the exterior wall (by the green tarp), with knee wall frame section that will be sitting on the beam and the loose tails sitting on the roof. The loose tails will have another 8 feet gusseted into them with an end plate and foot plate to anchor to the existing roof. Rudi
Inside a Cold Barn35 viewsThis is a look at the eastern side of the pole barn. you can see the trusses sitting on the old roof and the last open section that needs to be closed up.Rudi
East Gable End33 viewsLooking up, you can see the legs of the finished section of soffit ladders. All done on this side, except for that last section of roof that needs to be built.Rudi
Oooopps.. forgot a Hole62 viewsThis is the last section of roof that needs to be built. The last 32 square feet that needs to be finished. You can see the truss extensions under the strapping. The sheathing is Douglas Fir 1/2" 4'x10' sign faces. I like recycling a lot.Rudi
Oooops!44 viewsYou can see the peak where the shingles were repaired a couple years ago. The winds get so bad, that it rips the shingles right off and they are all glued down with ashphalt based mastic. The last open section of ladder will be about 13 " wider than the primary ladders, which are standard 16" wide. This will be a bit easier to finish the roof, and a lot faster. With the use of support legs, it will be as strong as building a partial gable end wall.Rudi
2 sweep rear section19 viewsdrspiff2
Another picture of the adjustable support rod118 viewsThe section with the arrow is fully adjustable to achieve the desired tension.billyandmillie
PTO Xsection211 viewsdon mccombs
Planter Cross Section439 viewsscrewstick
The back section of the trail.9 viewsI also have plenty of firewood knocked down now all I have to do it cut it up and split it.Cowboy
28 viewsthe heckler- or cheering section betting we couldn't get Cheesehead to run. Someone even wrote a song, sorta, 15 men working on a cub........ but chief will have to finish it.randallc
Exit B1 off NY Thruway Berkshire Section132 viewsPeter W. Person
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