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s Refreshment Rack2 .jpg
Rudi's Refreshment Rack 2143 viewsIt ain't fancy, but it sure is functional and for $0.99Cdn, well worth the price Rudi
Posting a link - Step 3234 viewsThen, in the board, start a new post. Click to place the mouse where you want the link to be. then right click and choose "paste."lildog
Posting a link - Step 2180 viewsSelect the link by clicking and dragging your mouse over it. Then, right-click your selection and choose "copy" from the menu that pops up.lildog
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Right Side.jpg
"William B."149 viewsRestoration done by Clark Thompson of Hubbard, OH.don mccombs
'48 Cub 3 point374 viewsnot finished yet, but an idea showing the 3 lever control valve. The left lever has the float option added. It's hooked up to the 3 point lift cylinder. The center lever controls the frt power angle, the right controls the rear power angle or whatever you put that cylinder on.billyandmillie
Engine Right.jpg
Right side of engine763 viewswilfreeman
Cub Side2.jpg
Right side763 viewswilfreeman
Cub Side.jpg
Right Side634 viewswilfreeman
Cub Front.jpg
Right front660 viewswilfreeman
Right Side Avatar.jpg
Don McCombs Avatar83 viewsdon mccombs
DTC lever.73 viewsThe lever on the hydraulic system, basically a shifter pinned to a straight bar that is pinned to the spring-return open center hydraulic valve, shown in other pics. If I don't keep the linkage greased, it doesn't return to center on its own, and will stall the tractor. Note the broken shifter #2 on right, and the beefy helper spring.glassnegman
Cub right with attachments (Small).jpg
JLollis' Cub right699 viewsJLollis
Saw Right Side (Small).jpg
683 viewspwl
Saw Right Side (Small)~0.jpg
60 viewsBrookfeild Buzz sawpwl
Francis, Sister, Buster (left to right)73 viewsRussell F
Right Side Of Barn134 viewsDonny M
Pictures 023.jpg
'58 Farmall Cub right emblems72 viewsturquoise farms
Cub right.JPG
Cub right31 viewsPsycho
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