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Plugs694 viewsI think I found the problem....kinelbor
Headlight Plug~0.jpg
Headlight Plug68 viewsdon mccombs
DSCN2927 (Small).JPG
new plug wires33 viewspurists will frown but I prefer a boot, if nothing else it keeps the connection snug...Stans Cub
DSCN2924 (Small).JPG
new plug wires 232 viewsStans Cub
274 viewspwl
Changing Plugs39 viewsChanged plugs and he FIRED RIGHT UP. This is 5-16-07 at BigDog's house in Stoutsvile, OHWisconsinCubMan
Changing plugs (HOOD OFF!)33 viewsAt BigDog's in Stoutsville, OH Date 5-16-07WisconsinCubMan
plugged up feeder tube27 viewsShadeTree
Family is Inside43 viewsMostly covered still, but almost all of my tractors aside from my CC-129 and the Co-Op Turf Trac are all in their new home. As you can see there is still a bit of sunshine coming through the east gable, but that is the only hole left. Soon as we get some decent weather to work and Alde comes over, we will get that plugged as well. 97% weathertight now.Rudi
Marked distributor95 viewsThe points, condensor, plugs and wires had been changed earlier and i wanted to make sure the went back together correctly.hschwartz3
Numbered Wires/ plugs110 viewsPlugs wires were numbered to make sure they got put back correctly. I numbered them on the bottom side so when installed the numbers are not easily seen.
The plugs were numbered to help track cylinder condition.
Rt. side engine514 viewsIt's got real metallic plug wires. The air cleaner is from a Briggs.Gary Dotson
Newest stle SMV brkt77 viewsNow you'll buy just one sign and brkt, then buy a base for each cub and plug the sign into whichever cub you chooseRick Prentice
Tony working on the plugs on Rob'122 viewsWisconsinCubMan
Cut off the small tab79 viewsGary Boutwell
trim off a bit of the rubber insulation71 viewsGary Boutwell
reinstall the brass end with wires sticking out74 viewsGary Boutwell
spread the wire out like a star or octopus64 viewsGary Boutwell
solder the wire to the brass fitting65 viewsGary Boutwell
making a small improvement to the spark plug wires58 viewsGary Boutwell
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