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Step 10 - Now you're ready for pics254 viewsYou gallery should look like this. You can review/change its properties, and you're ready to upload photos.lildog
DTC lever.74 viewsThe lever on the hydraulic system, basically a shifter pinned to a straight bar that is pinned to the spring-return open center hydraulic valve, shown in other pics. If I don't keep the linkage greased, it doesn't return to center on its own, and will stall the tractor. Note the broken shifter #2 on right, and the beefy helper spring.glassnegman
10-9-05 Cub Pics 003 (Medium).jpg
Our 58 Cub755 viewsJeremy58Cub
10-9-05 Cub Pics 011 (Medium).jpg
547 viewsJeremy58Cub
Hood Off36 viewsThought I better take pics before putting hood on.johnbron
Woods Mower Pics 006.jpg
145 viewsBigdog
Woods Mower Pics 005.jpg
170 viewsBigdog
Woods Mower Pics 001.jpg
140 viewsBigdog
Rotation of Woods Mower Pics 008.jpg
118 viewsBigdog
cub pics 022.jpg
Tear down3132 viewsMelonKing
cub pics 006.jpg
Tear down1137 viewsMelonKing
cub pics 005.jpg
Tear down2177 viewsMelonKing
cub pics 027.jpg
Tear down4131 viewsMelonKing
cub pics 016.jpg
Tear down5175 viewsMelonKing
cub pics 007.jpg
Tear down6128 viewsMelonKing
cub pics 051.jpg
Hood4128 viewsMelonKing
cub pics.jpg
Hood3127 viewsMelonKing
cub pics 036.jpg
Hood2153 viewsMelonKing
cub pics 028.jpg
Hood1115 viewsMelonKing
cub pics 042.jpg
Etch Prime1105 viewsMelonKing
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