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battery76 viewsbattery prior to removal. Appears to be 12V and Negative grounded.brian c
Rear of dashlight thingy, showing bracket60 viewsI have a little dashlight that appears rather professionally installed, as you can see from this pic of the bracket in rear of dash. Jim Becker says the hole was intended for the fuse holder, which was not installed in 49. models, even though the dash with the hole was used since mid 49. glassnegman
My Dash, including dashlight60 viewsThis is my dash, from the 49, showing the barebulb dashlight in the fuseholder hole. I don't know if you can see the scratchmarks, but it would appear something fit over the top of the bare bulb, from the front side.glassnegman
Repeat before91 viewsCecil
Utility Trailer Rear Spring Mount71 viewsThis is a utility Trailer I own that appears to use the same body as an IH trailerDaveSaver
Rough Roto-Tiller163 viewsAppears that it can be salvaged.Casper
The 3 Rons, need I say more!133 viewsKodiak
West Wall47 viewsThe West Wall is almost finished sheathing, just the peak of the gable left to sheath. These are the recycled 4'-0" x 10'-0" sheets of Douglas Fir that are from billboard sign faces. Already, the shop is about 10% warmer. The left over paper etc., will probably peel off over the winter.. and I will just have a bit of waste to pick up.Rudi
Oooops!44 viewsYou can see the peak where the shingles were repaired a couple years ago. The winds get so bad, that it rips the shingles right off and they are all glued down with ashphalt based mastic. The last open section of ladder will be about 13 " wider than the primary ladders, which are standard 16" wide. This will be a bit easier to finish the roof, and a lot faster. With the use of support legs, it will be as strong as building a partial gable end wall.Rudi
Looking south38 viewsThis is my road that we have been building for the last 8 years. An interesting view from the peak of the pole barn.Rudi
Granny ?41 viewsShe looks kinda small from 20 feet up... but kinda cute right next to Spook's house.Rudi
Yup, that be home!48 viewsLooking at the house from the top of the barn. Interesting perspective.Rudi
Cole Planter222 viewsCorn, Pea plate, gear, and coverPete1941
Top of engine206 viewsNeeds a good cleaning, but all appears to be okay. a couple of the collant passages are totally blocked. I was surprised to see that. I flushed the the motor pretty good when I first brought it home. I've never had cooling issue with this tractor. hschwartz3
Case 580B w bale spear attached84 viewsgotowin
bale spear in action86 viewsgotowin
Gears back in39 viewsTrans sitting at neutral, everything back in including excellent used oiler gear. Notice the peaned pin on the reverse idler. Good feeling to get it back together.EZ
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