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Rudi and hiller.JPG
Rudi and his home made potato hiller405 viewsCubfest NE 2004, Rudi is showing off his hiller at the Chown's farm. Beautiful country.lurker carl
Mom's B64 views1941 B and some Green No. 5 Mower, I know it's green but it's alot easier to get on and off the tractorjostev
Middle Pulley on Mott2.JPG
Mott Idler Bracket115 viewsThis is a Idler bracket I made for my Mott Mower to keep the belt from flying off.jostev
seat removed2.JPG
seat removed53 viewsFinally got this rusted up thing off.brian c
seat removed.JPG
seat and batt box gone55 viewsFinally got the seriously corroded seat mount and battery box off.brian c
Coming off the trailer posed, not running!675 viewspatbretagne
Took front axle off to get 2 cubs on trailer729 viewspatbretagne
To get 2 Cubs and plaough onto trailer, front axle had to come off149 viewspatbretagne
NoŽlle off to cut some grass153 viewspatbretagne
Watch out! disengage the PTO before getting off!149 viewspatbretagne
Coming off the trailer after 600km run home april 05150 viewspatbretagne
Winch with cable going up to first pulley16 viewsI ran off a length of cable doubled it and attached it to the winch. One half dropped to the winch side of the bed and the other half over the top through two pulleys one on each side of the top of the press.DaveSaver
11-12-05 002 (Small) (Medium).jpg
6 Volt Voltage Regulator, cover off533 viewsJeremy58Cub
Hood Off36 viewsThought I better take pics before putting hood on.johnbron
Head off 1.jpg
Viki Head off485 viewspatbretagne
DSCN2960 (Small).JPG
New Fuel Line30 viewsnot as safe as steel but needs the shut off until I replace the sediment bowl and rebuild carb.Stans Cub
New cub2.JPG
Just off the trailer20 viewsPsycho
Dozer off the ground on trees185 viewsMaking a road up to our property in the woods Michigan's UPCowboy
Road of mud!135 viewsMy Dad , brothers Tim, Tom and Uncle's son Adam. Cleaning up trees off the side of the road. It was just a trail big enough to get a four wheeler up. Cowboy
Henderson Loader serial number plate181 viewsUnfortunately the red enamel makes it impossible to read the Model and Serial Number. I thought paint thinner would take it off, but NO. Tried a wire brush (lightly) & gave up. If this is Superpaint from the planet Krypton, I'd sure like to know where to buy it!FarmLadyWannaB
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