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Yard Ornament423 viewsThis is my F-14 parts tractor turned into a yard ornamentbillyandmillie
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Grille ornament71 viewsA rather tasteful addition by a previous owner, the script "international" emblem was added, using appropriate clips behind the screen and all!!glassnegman
Henderson Loader serial number plate174 viewsUnfortunately the red enamel makes it impossible to read the Model and Serial Number. I thought paint thinner would take it off, but NO. Tried a wire brush (lightly) & gave up. If this is Superpaint from the planet Krypton, I'd sure like to know where to buy it!FarmLadyWannaB
New Hood Ornament52 views400x300 digital pictureVinceD
My 1948569 viewsMy 1948 Cub. I'm trying to name her now. What do you think about "Betty Lou"?CTdave
Big Mike60 viewsMikey on his Super H, named "Big Mike" after Mr. GW's H.lildog
315 viewsGroup photo - Camo's pics will have the names.Bigdog
70 viewsbillyandmillie
What Implements are there?43 viewsKind of interesting view out of the west window. Which implements are visible?Rudi
75 and 67 nameless35 viewsSide by side for the winter.jmalinow
Cub Express Repainted25 viewsdrspiff2
Ethan '08119 viewsEthan with his new name tag and Cub.danovercash
name tag169 viewsEthan with his new name tag and Cub.danovercash
NAPA_9023_Engine_Enamel on cultivator standard14 viewsCompare the original implement blue paint to the NAPA 9023 Engine Bluedrspiff3
pre "wrench" pic of my unnamed '55124 viewssgtbull
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