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Cub with mill.JPG
Cub powering a mill251 viewsThis corn cracker and grading mill was at SCRAP during their Labor Day 2003 show. The Cub had no problems running the mill. "Jimmy crack corn and I don't care" lurker carl
Cub n' dawg382 viewsThis is a picture of my dog, willie, and "Riley" with her 193 plowScotty D
sep30-05 (Small).jpg
I like old bikes too...My 1954 Schwinn Streamliner175 viewsGary L
Yard Ornament423 viewsThis is my F-14 parts tractor turned into a yard ornamentbillyandmillie
My Cub Cadet82 viewslildog
Step 2 - Create / Order My Albums188 viewsOn the toolbar under the top menu, click the "Create / Order My Albums" button.lildog
Step 9 - Checking your work187 viewsTo check your work, click "My gallery" in the top menu.lildog
Chase55 viewsMy brother and nefew on my 1964 IH cubCowboy
Robbie57 viewsMe and my nefew Robbie on 1964 IH cubCowboy
Ford Baler.JPG
My Baler55 viewsMy Ford 504-1 Baler, It semi works needs welding on the needlejostev
My C and bucket53 views1949 C and Bucketjostev
cantrell cub 02.JPG
my 5767 viewsMy grandad's '57 Cub. Restoration work starting Oct 05.brian c
Middle Pulley on Mott2.JPG
Mott Idler Bracket115 viewsThis is a Idler bracket I made for my Mott Mower to keep the belt from flying off.jostev
1944 LA (Test-Pic)33 viewsThis is the LA that my Son brought to me from WA. last month (Aug.) johnbron
Initial Cleanup72 viewsMy daughter was a good helperbrian c
snow  cub 2..JPG
My 1952 Cub and 54A blade113 viewsThe cub doing some plowing. In october, it's too early for snow :)jostev
612 viewsBefore picture of my 1948 Cubcubcrazybill
1948 Farmall Cub596 viewsBefore picture of my Farmall Cub, Owner Bill fron Seneca,ILcubcrazybill
1948 Cub with big brother581 viewsMy 1948 Cub with bigger brother 1948 Super A my second restoration almost done. Owner Bill from Seneca ,IL,cubcrazybill
Restored 1948 Farmall Cub718 views 1948 Cub restored. My 1st restoration I am now working on a 1948 Farmall Super A that is 95% done. But I am still a cub man !!! Bill from Seneca,ILcubcrazybill
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