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windmill261 viewsThis windmill has been restored to working condition. It is mounted on a trailer, much easier to see up close than on a tower. This particular windmill has a mechanism to prevent over-speed in high wind.lurker carl
Mt Washington Railroad.JPG
Mount Washington Cog Railroad421 viewsThis particular steam engine runs a cog on a long toothed rack to propel the train up and down the steep slopes of Mount Washington. The only purpose for the track is to keep the cog in the rack. The rear of the boiler is tilted up so it is more or less level as the engine traverses the mountain grade.lurker carl
Problem 183 viewsLooks like the lower threaded hole for implement attacment in the clutch housing was busted out and re-welded. Apparently it's not re-threaded. This bar was welded from the mower mount to the front end cultivator mount to stabilize the mower. brian c
seat removed.JPG
seat and batt box gone55 viewsFinally got the seriously corroded seat mount and battery box off.brian c
remains of gear shifter #253 viewsThis is gear shifter #2 broken at the retainer pin. you can see the relatively small amount of healthy metal that was holding it together....such a shame, it shifted so nice about 4 times.glassnegman
9-03-05 002~0.jpg
mount detail for front blade aux. hyd. cyl.332 viewsgotowin
hl 4.JPG
headlight mods30 viewsI've soldered a ground to the headlight casing. I j-b welded some styrene plastic over the original hole and mounted a wiring post in it.brian c
1-23-06 008.jpg
1-23-05 fast hitch mount 008134 viewsfabricated mount for fast hitch gotowin
1-23-06 007.jpg
1-23-05 fast hitch mount 007139 viewsgotowin
1-23-06 005.jpg
1-23-05 fast hitch mount 005162 viewsgotowin
2-16-06 013.jpg
cyl. base mount 2-16-06186 viewsgotowin
2-16-06 007.jpg
tire clearance at ram mount 2-16-06182 viewsgotowin
2-16-06 002.jpg
tire clearance at base mount 2-16-06212 viewsgotowin
2-16-06 014.jpg
cyl. ram mount 2-16-06180 viewsgotowin
2-16-06 012.jpg
center blade base mount 2-16-06203 viewsgotowin
Tach Mount 003 (Small).jpg
Tach Mount50 viewsPudgy
Tach Mount 002 (Small).jpg
Tach Mount46 viewsPudgy
Tach Mount 001 (Small).jpg
Tach Mount40 viewsPudgy
DSCN1573 (Small).JPG
Meandmydeere John Deere display292 viewsThis was at Mount Pleasant, Iowa 2005meandmydeere
Pictures 093.jpg
harley and mower temp mount63 viewsturquoise farms
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