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Lanz Castin Logo888 viewspatbretagne
Posting a picture - Step 2392 viewsThen, in the picture properties dialog box, click and drag your mouse over the string labeled "Address (URL):" Then, right click your selection and choose "copy."lildog
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H with loggin' chains61 viewsThe H with logging chains, at least the weight bar is good for something besides weight.jostev
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Cub exhaust 30001.JPG
French Cub Underslung Exhaust F Catalog356 viewspatbretagne
Cub exhaust 4 american catalogue.JPG
American Catalogue Cub Exhaust366 viewspatbretagne
Cub exhaust 20001.JPG
French Catalog USA Cub Exhaust Page 1325 viewspatbretagne
Cub exhaust 1.JPG
French Catalog USA Cub Exhaust Page 0329 viewspatbretagne
329 viewsHere's Donny folding a log chain!Bigdog
Cabin adult door74 viewsLog sided cabin showing the adult dooredward1960
Cabin131 viewslog sided cabin with front porch, yes I can and do build them big enough for adults (I do a few log houses for those who want a real log house not a modern design with log stack walls, in particular I use site grown trees)
Note: a propertly thought through log house is LESS expensive than comparable stick built. BUT the design must be for a log structure. Few commerically available log houses are properly designed.
12 viewsTexCub
17 viewsinto tractors
17 viewsinto tractors
145 viewsbrianj
135 viewsbrianj
IH ammeter face21 viewsB&W image of the ammeter face from a '51 Cub. Useful to cover an existing damaged meter face. Print the image so that distance between arrow points is 1 3/4". To Apply, cut out the kidney-shaped hole between "AMPERES' and the IH logo. Spray the back of the image with a spray adhesive. Slide the ammeter needle through the hole and line up the image. Lightly press the new face into place. Reassemble the ammeter.ShadeTree
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