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Cub with Loader arms only655 viewsLoader is attached with one cylinder in place. Fits well.kinelbor
0-6 loader web.jpg
48 viewsTractor Tom
Super A Loader92 viewsallenlook
DSCN1859 (Small).JPG
Meandmydeere's 1961 Lo Boy with loader #1286 viewsmeandmydeere
DSCN1858 (Small).JPG
Meandmydeere's Lo Boy with loader #2434 viewsmeandmydeere
DSCN1857 (Small).JPG
Meandmydeere's Lo Boy with loader #3339 viewsmeandmydeere
DSCN1856 (Small).JPG
meandmydeere's Lo Boy with loader #4391 viewsmeandmydeere
DSCN1855 (Small).JPG
Meandmydeere's Lo Boy with loader #5415 viewsmeandmydeere
Loader hydraulic valves(?)141 viewsCame with the Henderson front bucket, but it's like getting a jigsaw puzzle with no picture.FarmLadyWannaB
Henderson Loader serial number plate174 viewsUnfortunately the red enamel makes it impossible to read the Model and Serial Number. I thought paint thinner would take it off, but NO. Tried a wire brush (lightly) & gave up. If this is Superpaint from the planet Krypton, I'd sure like to know where to buy it!FarmLadyWannaB
Parts that came with my Cub256 viewsExcept for the PTO adapter at left, the others go with the Henderson loader (see pic), but I don't know how it all goes together.FarmLadyWannaB
Henderson loader bucket562 viewsA few other people have this same "manure bucket," which Jim Becker correctly identified as a Henderson. I found other pics of it on the site by searching on 'loader'. Unfortunately I can't tell the model # because it's covered smooth with red paint (see pic). Given the warnings about putting a (HEAVY!) front loader on a Cub, I'm not sure I want to attach it.FarmLadyWannaB
IH1000 Loader113 viewsPeter Person
Tom & Lynn's IH 1000 Loader Cub146 viewsdon mccombs
IH 1000 Loader Cub125 viewsdon mccombs
Plowing with a loader attachment203 viewslurker carl
138 viewssilverta16
1000 loader on a Lo Boy160 viewsBuzzard Wing
Twin Draulic Loader103 viewsCubitisNH
Twin Draulic Loader111 viewsCubitisNH
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