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9-03-05 002.jpg
aux. lift cyl & bracket on type 54 blade1542 viewsgotowin
8-22-05 001.jpg
1519 viewsload testing aux. rear lift cylgotowin
'48 Cub 3 point374 viewsnot finished yet, but an idea showing the 3 lever control valve. The left lever has the float option added. It's hooked up to the 3 point lift cylinder. The center lever controls the frt power angle, the right controls the rear power angle or whatever you put that cylinder on.billyandmillie
The Bracket I added to make the blade lift high enough so it wouldn't hang up on stuff48 viewsawander
Cub lifting 302 ford574 viewsThis engine has been sitting in the front of my garage and I haven't been able to move it. Today I hooked it to the rock shaft of the cub and moved it to the back of the garage. So I don't have to trip on every time I go in the garage!Cowboy

8-22-05 001~0.jpg
load testing aux. rear lift cyl351 viewsgotowin
9-03-05 007.jpg
rear lifted with aux. hyd. cyl.258 viewsgotowin
28A lift disk134 viewsRussell F
cultivator 006.jpg
rockshaft extension84 viewsBolts to rockshaft to increase lifting power at the cost of strokeRussell F
rear lift load test278 viewsEstimated weight including carryall and fast hitch-- 1200+ lbs. Lifted them right up. Tractor with front blade attached became very light in front.gotowin
6 200+lb crossties on 1pt. carryall273 viewsgotowin
remote valves and rear lift cyl.282 viewsgotowin
front mount for rear lift cyl.274 viewsgotowin
lifting set-up used from a 54A snow blade238 viewsthe actual blower unit is equal in weight to the snow blade and picks up easy and fast.billyandmillie
Bent lift rod.23 viewsLance Leitzel
72_lift23 viewsLance Leitzel
Hydraulic Lift Unit25 viewsElectric lift was replaced with hydraulic unit by previous ownerDaveSaver
13 viewspwl
Hand Lift For Cultivators?116 viewsThis came with an almost complete set of cultivators I bought for my '45 B Farmall. Cub-Bud
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