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ELBOW347 viewsElectronic jamming method to avoid BigDog's Cub Locator Beaconallenlook
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My Dash, including dashlight60 viewsThis is my dash, from the 49, showing the barebulb dashlight in the fuseholder hole. I don't know if you can see the scratchmarks, but it would appear something fit over the top of the bare bulb, from the front side.glassnegman
hl 7.JPG
bulb32 viewsThis is a #4511 PAR 36 sealed lamp I got from TSC for $8 (Napa has them too). With a little modification this can be used for the single post original that costs $36. brian c
hl 5.JPG
headlight connections30 viewsInside view of connections for #4511 bulb.brian c
3-point hitch2A.jpg
590 viewsTractor Tom
Christopher with a 182 and a 170 lbs. watermelons196 viewsMelonKing
Me and my 232 lb Indiana Record188 viewsMelonKing
Battery Cable Clips27 viewsPurchased PartsBob Grieb
rear lift load test296 viewsEstimated weight including carryall and fast hitch-- 1200+ lbs. Lifted them right up. Tractor with front blade attached became very light in front.gotowin
174 viewsChuck and Dee Melburg.Bigdog
156 viewsChuck and Dee Melburg.Bigdog
Brake rod goes into the rear of the bull housing on the long wheelbase LoBoy107 viewslurker carl
6 200+lb crossties on 1pt. carryall291 viewsgotowin
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