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split49 viewssplit in two for general inspection, replacing seals, and replacing torque tube with busted out implement attachment threads.brian c
replacing bushings13 viewsGary Vaughan
North Wall38 viewsThis is the coldest wall, and also the wall with the most moisture damage from snow buildup and rain shedding onto the bottom of the wall. That is all being addressed by the 45 mil and thicker rubber dams that I am placing around the building. This will be a standard procedure now on all of my exterior structures.Rudi
1956 Fcub tune up54 viewsreplacing rear axle seals and all gaskets and fluidsrebjr615
Shaft.54 viewsThis is the cleaned shaft with the spring replaced. You will find the spring from an old ball point pen is an ideal replacement part. You can get 2 replacement springs from one pen. This spring must be compressed into the shaft body while replacing the shaft into the switch body. There is not much room to do this and you never have enough hands.
Once the shaft is replaced into the switch body you can replace the end cap with a few drops of epoxy to hold it in place.
214 viewsGetting the wheel back on after replacing Dale's right final drive and brake.Bigdog
John Ewing (Grunt) finishing up his final drive.100 viewsGetting it all finished up and tightened up. Ready to roll!WisconsinCubMan
More YUK234 viewsTodd's left transmission housing. We replaced this seal and cleaned out the goop in this part before replacing the final on that side...WisconsinCubMan
placing the piece into the jig47 viewsRick Prentice
Belt Lacing open box 000119 viewsBelt Lacing boxRedcub
Belt Lacing Lid 000118 viewsBelt Lacing Lid Redcub
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