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Whose bath was it?357 viewsJust looked up and the dog was in the tub with the boy.lildog
Orchids197 viewsThis is orchid is a Cattleyea hybrid that bursts into bloom every January. It's kinda nice to have stuff blooming in the dead of winter. This particular variety puts out a soft perfume scent in the morning similar to but not nearly as strong as a gardenia. Cathy likes them, so I tend to them for her enjoyment. lurker carl
s Refreshment Rack2 .jpg
Rudi's Refreshment Rack 2167 viewsIt ain't fancy, but it sure is functional and for $0.99Cdn, well worth the price Rudi
ELBOW345 viewsElectronic jamming method to avoid BigDog's Cub Locator Beaconallenlook
TADPOLE310 viewsMethod of avoiding BigDog's Cub Locator Beacon by building a large white box and parking your tractor in it.allenlook
PODD368 viewsMethod of avoiding BigDog's Cub Locator Beacon by chaining a panther to your Cub.allenlook
DSCN51468285DSCN5146 (Small).JPG
Rufus on the ridge1185 viewsBuzzard Wing
2005-07-16 COSI 003 (Custom).jpg
Kid on a Skid Steer256 viewsJoe Test
Upload from Computer - Step 5369 viewsYou'll then be asked to give your image some information. First, select the gallery you wish to add it to from the drop-down list. Next, give the file a title and brief description. Finally, provide some keywords that will help others find your image using the gallery search engine. Then, click "Continue."lildog
2005-07-03 More Swimming Pool 003 (Custom).jpg
Kids in the Pool123 viewslildog
Right Side.jpg
"William B."176 viewsRestoration done by Clark Thompson of Hubbard, OH.don mccombs
"HARLEY"634 viewsChrysler 3.0, 143 H.P. V-6, homemade aluminum cris-crossflow intake, Harley Davidson front draft S&S 2 bbl carb and air cleaner, Harley baffles in the exhaust, frt and rear weights, center scraper bladebillyandmillie
'48 Cub 3 point394 viewsnot finished yet, but an idea showing the 3 lever control valve. The left lever has the float option added. It's hooked up to the 3 point lift cylinder. The center lever controls the frt power angle, the right controls the rear power angle or whatever you put that cylinder on.billyandmillie
DSCN5636 (Small).JPG
Kid enjoying a Cub667 viewsHarvest Fair Middletown RIBuzzard Wing
DSCN5669 (Small).JPG
Demo and another Cub669 viewsHarvest Fair, Norman Bird Sanctuary. Middletown, RI
Buzzard Wing
Loose Hay Elevator Side View79 viewsThe loose hay elevator I got the other day for 100$, needs all wood replaced but fair price I thought espicially that it is an IH!jostev
deer Hiding in a Tree.jpg
Deer Hiding in a Tree270 viewsDeer Hiding in a Treeallenlook
Engine Right.jpg
Right side of engine806 viewswilfreeman
Engine Left.jpg
Left side of engine677 viewswilfreeman
Cub Side2.jpg
Right side792 viewswilfreeman
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