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Orchids197 viewsThis is orchid is a Cattleyea hybrid that bursts into bloom every January. It's kinda nice to have stuff blooming in the dead of winter. This particular variety puts out a soft perfume scent in the morning similar to but not nearly as strong as a gardenia. Cathy likes them, so I tend to them for her enjoyment. lurker carl
1 point plow239 viewsnotice extra wing on topBeaconlight
s Refreshment Rack2 .jpg
Rudi's Refreshment Rack 2167 viewsIt ain't fancy, but it sure is functional and for $0.99Cdn, well worth the price Rudi
stay away from these.JPG
Ball Bearing Type Through out bearing with 2 hours run time196 viewsSplit the cub twice after painted because of these, ended up installing original type graphite bearing, no problem since..Gary L
DSCN5552 (Small).JPG
Nice Seat Display231 viewsLudlow VT Buzzard Wing
Anti-Radar device103 viewstim-devery
Loose Hay Elevator Side View79 viewsThe loose hay elevator I got the other day for 100$, needs all wood replaced but fair price I thought espicially that it is an IH!jostev
Step 4 - Registration confirmation284 viewsYou should receive a notice that your registration is complete and a reminder to check your e-mail for a confirmation message.lildog
remains of gear shifter #253 viewsThis is gear shifter #2 broken at the retainer pin. you can see the relatively small amount of healthy metal that was holding it together....such a shame, it shifted so nice about 4 times.glassnegman
56 axle tube2.JPG
axle tube62 viewsNice rat's nest in axle tube where rear end seal was leaking.brian c
21 problem.JPG
Problem closeup40 viewsThreads for implement attach were busted out. I just replaced the whole torque tube with a used one from JP. Part was about $50. Shipping was twice that.brian c
learning to ice skate474 viewsrick 48 cub
hl 6.JPG
headlight back30 viewsNotice the plastic insulator. It's jb welded to the headlight casing. Headlight is grounded to frame. Hot wire goes to post with nuts.brian c
side 2.jpg
First "road" trip, notice the mud32 viewsTractor Tom
DSCN2791 (Small)~0.JPG
Resting in horse barn36 viewsnice to see a tractor in the barnStans Cub
Very Nice Loboy290 viewsKodiak
180 viewsMike Wolfe and Kalep. Mike has a very nice early 47 cub.Bigdog
236 viewsNice Mini-BBigdog
Ron Luebke's 53 Cub1142 viewsVery nice trailer too!Kodiak
A very nice South Ga. Cub (Bald's)353 viewsKodiak
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