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3 bag mulcher/grass vac1457 viewsConverted JD grass/leaf mulcher vac. Works great!billyandmillie
'52 Cub mowing tractor344 viewsconverted JD grass/leaf catcher/mulcherbillyandmillie
NoŽlle off to cut some grass153 viewspatbretagne
70 2006 03_24 1st mow2.JPG
1st mow 132 viewsHaven't finished the hood "body work" yet, but had to cut the grass. Mows well with Danco C-1.brian c
70 2006 03_24 1st mow.JPG
1st mow228 viewsHaven't finished the hood "body work" yet, but had to cut the grass. Mows well with Danco C-1.brian c
Frank cutting grass.jpg
Frank cutting grass168 viewsMy BIL cutting the new field of dreams with the 1975 Cub with Woods 59 mower. His first Cub experience.lurker carl
cowboy's back yard155 viewsApril 23 2006 just got done planting the grass in the yard It was all dirt. Today June 30th I am trying to figure out how to mow it. As I do not have tires on the cub becuse they are being powder coatedCowboy
Cutting the grass169 viewslurker carl
Cathy cutting the grass, 12 May 200790 viewsHer 2nd time ever on a tractor, getting the hang of it fast.lurker carl
Cub Cadet 10680 viewsRuns good, this one already had lights and a rear lift on it when I got it. I use it to pull a box blade through the drive to keep the grass out of the middle.Heller1m
16 viewspwl
Original grass board137 viewsHere is an original grassboard that came with an original 53 Cub and mower had been in storage 45 yearsjim turner
90 viewslurker carl
1970 JD11092 viewsThis mower belonged to my wife's grandfather. She used to ride it on his driveway when she was a little girl. When we married, my father-in-law gave it to us. I used it for two years, then prettied it up a bit. This one is still cutting grass today.Cub-Bud
12 viewspwl
grass board27 viewselkshead
22 Mower Grass Board30 viewsWooden 22 Mower Grass Board "McCormick" letteringscrewstick
YUK! Look at all of that watery/oily/grassy/stinky JUNK!129 viewsTodd W's right Axle Extension...needing to be cleaned upWisconsinCubMan
First snow, December 5 200996 viewsAbout 6 inches fell today, not much stuck to the roads but the trees and grass are beautifullurker carl
35 viewsBigdog
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