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8-22-05 004.jpg
1358 viewsaux. hydraulics 2 spool, controling front blade and rear fast hitchgotowin
'52 Cub840 viewsWoods 7500 backhoe, converted, and a homemade front armbillyandmillie
"HARLEY"634 viewsChrysler 3.0, 143 H.P. V-6, homemade aluminum cris-crossflow intake, Harley Davidson front draft S&S 2 bbl carb and air cleaner, Harley baffles in the exhaust, frt and rear weights, center scraper bladebillyandmillie
Cub Front.jpg
Right front689 viewswilfreeman
Front view48 viewsSUPERC_1
mini Cubfest participants245 viewsback: Allen, Cecil, Rondell, Larry
front: Dale, Carl
lurker carl
participants256 viewsback: Allen, Cecil, Rondell, Larry
front: Dale, Carl
lurker carl
Problem 183 viewsLooks like the lower threaded hole for implement attacment in the clutch housing was busted out and re-welded. Apparently it's not re-threaded. This bar was welded from the mower mount to the front end cultivator mount to stabilize the mower. brian c
Took front axle off to get 2 cubs on trailer729 viewspatbretagne
To get 2 Cubs and plaough onto trailer, front axle had to come off149 viewspatbretagne
149Tractor Front.JPG
CC 149 Restored by my father in 1998842 viewsgitractorman
My Dash, including dashlight60 viewsThis is my dash, from the 49, showing the barebulb dashlight in the fuseholder hole. I don't know if you can see the scratchmarks, but it would appear something fit over the top of the bare bulb, from the front side.glassnegman
Baby in front of 2 Lanz Briec 06.11.05157 viewspatbretagne
Cub lifting 302 ford603 viewsThis engine has been sitting in the front of my garage and I haven't been able to move it. Today I hooked it to the rock shaft of the cub and moved it to the back of the garage. So I don't have to trip on every time I go in the garage!Cowboy
Cub_54A blade RH.jpg
Cub with 54A blade674 viewsChains, weights, blade, temporary front tiresSteveC67
9-03-05 002~0.jpg
mount detail for front blade aux. hyd. cyl.332 viewsgotowin
62 wheels on2 (Small).JPG
Getting close37 viewsFreshly painted wheels. New front tires. Lots of cleaned/re-painted parts re-installed.brian c
45 BN Tractor Front Left 002 (Small).jpg
363 viewsBigdog
Front Of Barn161 viewsDonny M
Pictures 045.jpg
starting teardown front69 viewsturquoise farms
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