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Original Dealer Sticker218 viewsfindoggy
That fellah from ther n tucky189 viewsWould you buy a used Farmall Cub from this fellah?Arizona Mike
118 viewsThese fellows really are getting into fixing the C-22.Bill (TAMU '78)
OOPS19 viewsWhile pushing out a trail in the woods two trees fell on me. Between the cab and exhaust pipe. While I was trying to figure out how to get it out another one that was puled up aginst the white birch fell down over the cab. I ended up having to walk a 1/2 mile back to the trailer get a chainsaw and cut it out.Cowboy
Jeff Silvey give Mikey a muffler110 viewsMikey fell in love with the whistle-cut mufflers Jeff had for sale and spent the better part of the day walking around with a plastic cup trying to collect enough in donations to buy one. Jeff proved he does have a soft spot in his heart by giving Mikey a muffler after dinner.lildog
What The Heck!149 viewsThis little fella must have been lost. Oh well, we never ran him off. Barnyard
First snow, December 5 200996 viewsAbout 6 inches fell today, not much stuck to the roads but the trees and grass are beautifullurker carl
The felling zone9 viewsCowboy
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