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Farmall tractor on WWII Memorial549 viewsAgriculture bas-relief sculpture by sculptor Ray Kaskey. Located on the National WWII Memorial in Washington DC. September 2004.1541
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DSCN52458384DSCN5245 (Small).JPG
Mess of Farmalls on US 1 in Maine1198 viewsBuzzard Wing
DSCN52458384DSCN5245 (Small)~0.JPG
17 Farmalls368 viewson US 1 in MaineBuzzard Wing
Cubmerged1428 viewsFarmall tractor submerged in farm pond.allenlook
Farmall Cub Triple Plow.jpg
Improved Cub Plow Blade1558 viewsImproved Cub Plow Bladeallenlook
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1948 Farmall Cub606 viewsBefore picture of my Farmall Cub, Owner Bill fron Seneca,ILcubcrazybill
1948 Farnall Cub after restoration, Owner Bill fron Seneca,IL845 views1948 Farmall Cub after restoring painted with PPG Paintcubcrazybill
1948 Farmall CUB888 viewsReady to go two the tractor showcubcrazybill
1948 Cub with big brother591 viewsMy 1948 Cub with bigger brother 1948 Super A my second restoration almost done. Owner Bill from Seneca ,IL,cubcrazybill
Restored 1948 Farmall Cub728 views 1948 Cub restored. My 1st restoration I am now working on a 1948 Farmall Super A that is 95% done. But I am still a cub man !!! Bill from Seneca,ILcubcrazybill
Farmall Cub Parts Database68 viewsallenlook
farmall 176copy (Small).jpg
47 viewsBigdog
farmall 050copy (Small).jpg
54 viewsBigdog
Farmall Cub Avatar62 viewsallenlook
Farmall M B4 & after.jpg
Before and after of the restored M36 viewsTractor Tom
Pictures 005.jpg
'50 Farmall Cub52 viewsturquoise farms
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