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Mt Washington Railroad.JPG
Mount Washington Cog Railroad421 viewsThis particular steam engine runs a cog on a long toothed rack to propel the train up and down the steep slopes of Mount Washington. The only purpose for the track is to keep the cog in the rack. The rear of the boiler is tilted up so it is more or less level as the engine traverses the mountain grade.lurker carl
Lister diesel engine with generator power head264 viewsSingle cylinder, 6 hp Indian made engine. Original design is British and this particular engine has been in production since the 1930s. Lister is still in business but production of these engines is now in the hands of Indian foundries and machine shops.lurker carl
Upload from Computer - Step 5375 viewsYou'll then be asked to give your image some information. First, select the gallery you wish to add it to from the drop-down list. Next, give the file a title and brief description. Finally, provide some keywords that will help others find your image using the gallery search engine. Then, click "Continue."lildog
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IHC steam(?) engine258 viewsAt a show in Ludlow VT 9/25/05Buzzard Wing
Engine Right.jpg
Right side of engine806 viewswilfreeman
Engine Left.jpg
Left side of engine677 viewswilfreeman
Cub lifting 302 ford603 viewsThis engine has been sitting in the front of my garage and I haven't been able to move it. Today I hooked it to the rock shaft of the cub and moved it to the back of the garage. So I don't have to trip on every time I go in the garage!Cowboy
Cub Engine Head, complete77 viewsallenlook
Cub Engine Head, cracked56 viewsallenlook
IMG_2264 (Small).JPG
Sooty Engine60 viewsallenlook
Fresh Engine 45 BN (Small).jpg
519 viewsBigdog
100_0246 (Small).jpg
#913 engine #25 viewsBill the Builder
Engine plate I made for my lister engine generator setup108 viewsCowboy
Lister engine setup with air bag suspension121 viewsCowboy
Lil -- left side108 viewsThe engine casting number on this side has an 'X' (part made in 1952) but one under the manifold has an 'R' code (for 1948). The serial number plate indicates 1948. Majority rules, so I'm sticking with that.FarmLadyWannaB
Edwin during restoration86 viewsHood is off so I could repaint and replace generator.Ron Luebke
110 viewsA little paint on the engine arearustynuts
'55 Engine135 viewsKirk
253 viewsBigdog
130 viewsBigdog
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