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Mt Washington Railroad.JPG
Mount Washington Cog Railroad421 viewsThis particular steam engine runs a cog on a long toothed rack to propel the train up and down the steep slopes of Mount Washington. The only purpose for the track is to keep the cog in the rack. The rear of the boiler is tilted up so it is more or less level as the engine traverses the mountain grade.lurker carl
Getting down to the basics.179 viewsCecil
Upload from Computer - Step 5375 viewsYou'll then be asked to give your image some information. First, select the gallery you wish to add it to from the drop-down list. Next, give the file a title and brief description. Finally, provide some keywords that will help others find your image using the gallery search engine. Then, click "Continue."lildog
Cub at work335 viewsIts a bit blury but I was driving over this pile of stone that has been sitting next to my drive way cutting it down and spreading it on my driveway CowboyCowboy
s Tiedown.jpg
Tuck Middleton Tie Down87 viewsdon mccombs
10-10-05 003.jpg
rear elevated with fast hitch down pressure138 viewsgotowin
62 wheels on3 (Small).JPG
Me33 viewsFirst time back on since tear down. Getting closer.brian c
plow days 04 1.JPG
plow days 04 1216 viewsmy little loboy turnin some dirt with the big I can't pull a 4 or 5 bottom plow....but I sure have a blast!....(I really CAN pull long as the road wheels are down !!!)Marion(57 Loboy)
cub pics 022.jpg
Tear down3132 viewsMelonKing
cub pics 006.jpg
Tear down1137 viewsMelonKing
cub pics 005.jpg
Tear down2177 viewsMelonKing
cub pics 027.jpg
Tear down4131 viewsMelonKing
cub pics 016.jpg
Tear down5175 viewsMelonKing
cub pics 007.jpg
Tear down6128 viewsMelonKing
Pictures 044.jpg
starting teardown73 viewsturquoise farms
Pictures 046.jpg
starting teardown75 viewsturquoise farms
Pictures 045.jpg
starting teardown front69 viewsturquoise farms
hand cranking.jpg
Hand cranking the Lister96 viewsHolding it down with a Ranger PU and a Cub. It shook the ground!lurker carl
Bobs 49 1.jpg
Bob's Cub upside down84 viewsCecil
What an Embarrassment !!!!54 viewsThe H broke down and the Cub had enough power but not enough traction to pull it up the hill. I had to use my son-in-law's JD with 4-wd to get it home. The H and Cub were obviously embarrassed.VinceD
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