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My C and bucket53 views1949 C and Bucketjostev
3-point hitch2A.jpg
572 viewsTractor Tom
Loader hydraulic valves(?)143 viewsCame with the Henderson front bucket, but it's like getting a jigsaw puzzle with no picture.FarmLadyWannaB
Henderson Loader serial number plate176 viewsUnfortunately the red enamel makes it impossible to read the Model and Serial Number. I thought paint thinner would take it off, but NO. Tried a wire brush (lightly) & gave up. If this is Superpaint from the planet Krypton, I'd sure like to know where to buy it!FarmLadyWannaB
Parts that came with my Cub260 viewsExcept for the PTO adapter at left, the others go with the Henderson loader (see pic), but I don't know how it all goes together.FarmLadyWannaB
Henderson loader bucket570 viewsA few other people have this same "manure bucket," which Jim Becker correctly identified as a Henderson. I found other pics of it on the site by searching on 'loader'. Unfortunately I can't tell the model # because it's covered smooth with red paint (see pic). Given the warnings about putting a (HEAVY!) front loader on a Cub, I'm not sure I want to attach it.FarmLadyWannaB
fabricated forks with attaching brackets on loader bucket110 viewsgotowin
Drilling the 1/2" Bolt Holes for the Front I-Beam Pocket42 viewsBruce is helping move Sign Faces to the stripping station, and my nephew Frankie watches me play in the bucketRudi
Pocket and Strapping48 viewsRoger Maillet and Merv are installing the 2"x6" Strapping 16" oc. I am in the bucket Rudi
Strapping and Bucket Crews45 viewsRudi
Guiding the I-Beam to keep it parallel to the center poles51 viewsNot the safest perch... Much prefer being in the bucket, but the step ladder has to doRudi
bucket of tiedowns13 viewsdrspiff2
Getting the Wagner M1 loader mounted104 viewsThis show shows the front of the loader frame still resting on the bucket, and the rear of the loader frame bolted to the backhoe frame.awander
Getting a small bucket of kindling wood12 viewsCowboy
The Wagner Loader works!117 viewsmy friend Mike came over with his big stick welder the other day, and welded up the front support for me-then he showed me how to do it, and we patched the tears in the bucket on the backhoe.

The picture is lousy, but I am so glad to get it mounted, I just had to take it and post it!
Grand Lineup!117 viewsLeft to right: Tony (OldIron1's buddy), WisconsinCubMan on MerlinCub (Mike in La Crosse, WI), Craig L. (MagnumPI), Brian Liethen on Henry with his buddy DUKE, Rob Bush (OldIron1), Seth and Farmall John (with their buddy "Bucket") and Todd Wohlt on Big Red.WisconsinCubMan
Frost in the ground17 viewsI thought snow on the ground was supposed to keep the frost out. Obviously not! Thats a 20oz pop bottle hung from the tree roots above the loader bucket. I had pushed the brush and snow off the top earlier in the day and thats how much frost was in the ground! Cowboy
Bungartz tractor79 viewsLandscape tractor with one arm bucket.danovercash
13 viewsbobperry
184 3-Point Bucket58 viewsInternational 184 with a 3-Point Hitch Slip Scoop loaded with dirtoutdoors4evr
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