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Right Side Of Barn142 viewsDonny M
Front Of Barn149 viewsDonny M
Bigdog Standing Guard156 viewsDonny M
Cub And Barn204 viewsDonny M
Old barn. Cub and Yerf-Dog live there now.59 viewsRussell F
New Barn, 36x4061 viewsRussell F
New Barn65 viewsNew barn is 36 by 40. It will have a central hallway 12' wide, 3 10x12 stalls, a 12x10 insulated tack room with concrete floor, a 12x20 room for hay, and a 12x20 open area for future expansion or storage.Russell F
DSCN2791 (Small)~0.JPG
Resting in horse barn36 viewsnice to see a tractor in the barnStans Cub
My friend Gerolds barns oppen gamberal roof124 viewsCowboy
Bobs 49 4.jpg
Almost back to the barn.62 viewsCecil
Christmas Roof92 viewsMy lovely wife had the barn roof replaced for Christmas. The old one looked like it had been used as a backdrop for target practice.lurker carl
Michigan Fall Fest60 viewsscottb
55 viewsscottb
56 viewsscottb
New Dash139 viewsBarn yards new purchasejeff silvey
Nice seat124 viewsBarn Yards Purchasejeff silvey
A Year after getting the poles in, almost to the week.. it is time to start the actual Barn!47 viewsRudi
Trusses Almost Done52 viewsAll 16 of the trusses are almost done. This is the first 24 foot section of the trusses for the pole barn and new shop roof. You can see the end that will sit on the exterior wall (by the green tarp), with knee wall frame section that will be sitting on the beam and the loose tails sitting on the roof. The loose tails will have another 8 feet gusseted into them with an end plate and foot plate to anchor to the existing roof. Rudi
South Wall42 viewsThis will be the warmest wall of them all. With an almost directly southern exposure, this area is warm even on the coldest days. With 80 square feet of thermopane, this should help keep the pole barn warm and almost warm enough to work without extra heat. You can see the pad I build with the Cat D2C the other day for storing my implements that do not fit inside the pole barn.
Shop & Pole Barn from the Dining Room Doors58 viewsYou can just see the one tarp we were able to put up last night before it got too slippery. Two rows of sheathing are on the roof.. strapping is up to the old propane furnace chimney.Rudi
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