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'52 Cub840 viewsWoods 7500 backhoe, converted, and a homemade front armbillyandmillie
Loose Hay Elevator75 viewsJust another viewjostev
backing jeep 274 viewslildog
backing jeep181 viewslildog
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mini Cubfest participants245 viewsback: Allen, Cecil, Rondell, Larry
front: Dale, Carl
lurker carl
participants256 viewsback: Allen, Cecil, Rondell, Larry
front: Dale, Carl
lurker carl
white sticker48 viewsThe decals on my cub have white that just sun blanching or what?glassnegman
Vinyl coated aircraft cable attached to press bed14 viewsI just drilled two holes and threaded the cable through and attached back to it's self with a cable clampDaveSaver
Cub lifting 302 ford603 viewsThis engine has been sitting in the front of my garage and I haven't been able to move it. Today I hooked it to the rock shaft of the cub and moved it to the back of the garage. So I don't have to trip on every time I go in the garage!Cowboy
47 back of block.JPG
new rear seal36 viewsreplaced oil pump gasket and rear crank seal.brian c
from backside of pressure plate.jpg
clutch finger adj. from back side251 viewsrick 48 cub
62 wheels on3 (Small).JPG
Me33 viewsFirst time back on since tear down. Getting closer.brian c
hl 6.JPG
headlight back30 viewsNotice the plastic insulator. It's jb welded to the headlight casing. Headlight is grounded to frame. Hot wire goes to post with nuts.brian c
Allis B cast adjustable width back wheel122 viewspatbretagne
blade 1.jpg
L54 'back' blade 1471 viewsI use this to drag the limestone drive out level, and to move snow around. Marion(57 Loboy)
blade 2.jpg
L54 'back' blade 2604 viewsMarion(57 Loboy)
blade 3.jpg
L54 'back' blade 3361 viewsMarion(57 Loboy)
bill on cub.JPG
Bill on Cub199 viewsJust back from cutting the field roadrustynuts
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