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Posed between trailer and park. Plough attached130 viewspatbretagne
Vinyl coated aircraft cable attached to press bed14 viewsI just drilled two holes and threaded the cable through and attached back to it's self with a cable clampDaveSaver
Winch with cable going up to first pulley16 viewsI ran off a length of cable doubled it and attached it to the winch. One half dropped to the winch side of the bed and the other half over the top through two pulleys one on each side of the top of the press.DaveSaver
Cub with Loader arms only687 viewsLoader is attached with one cylinder in place. Fits well.kinelbor
40 halves.JPG
split49 viewssplit in two for general inspection, replacing seals, and replacing torque tube with busted out implement attachment threads.brian c
21 problem.JPG
Problem closeup40 viewsThreads for implement attach were busted out. I just replaced the whole torque tube with a used one from JP. Part was about $50. Shipping was twice that.brian c
Finished main attachment 2 (Small).jpg
294 viewsBigdog
Cub right with attachments (Small).jpg
JLollis' Cub right741 viewsJLollis
PTO adapter--for what??97 viewsThis lets the PTO attachment be vertical rather than horizontal. For what implement, I dunno.FarmLadyWannaB
Henderson loader bucket586 viewsA few other people have this same "manure bucket," which Jim Becker correctly identified as a Henderson. I found other pics of it on the site by searching on 'loader'. Unfortunately I can't tell the model # because it's covered smooth with red paint (see pic). Given the warnings about putting a (HEAVY!) front loader on a Cub, I'm not sure I want to attach it.FarmLadyWannaB
'Country' Elliott's 1948 Cub with IH umbrella attached607 views'Country' Elliott
rear lift load test296 viewsEstimated weight including carryall and fast hitch-- 1200+ lbs. Lifted them right up. Tractor with front blade attached became very light in front.gotowin
aux. hyds with bypass hose attached270 viewsgotowin
Pressure gauge attached to the hydraulic manifold101 viewslurker carl
Plowing with a loader attachment204 viewslurker carl
191 viewsframe attachment to Cubbarn_cub
fabricated forks with attaching brackets on loader bucket114 viewsgotowin
Three point attachment27 viewsMade from scrap, hitch attachment for my three pointelectromech31
Disc28 viewsthis attaches to toolbar on three point hitch. Want to buildelectromech31
Plow attachment52 viewsThis is a plow is attached to the toolbar. This is attached to the three pointelectromech31
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