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Converted Quadrant74 viewsThis is the converted quadrant from the original master control lever, rather tastefully done, I might add. My DTC has a super-heavy assist spring despit its rather beefy hydraulics.glassnegman
Set Up for 172 planter172 viewsLift Assist for planter framePete1941
Set Up for 172 planter161 viewsPin where lift assist attachesPete1941
Lawyer's Christmas Letter57 viewsThis is a letter the assistant chief legal counsel gave my division at work this week.lildog
OG307 viewsFender , Spring AssistMoparfanforever
Cub Cadet Original47 viewsSince I got this one I've added a rear lift and spring assist. This one usually starts before the motor has turned a full revolution.Heller1m
Cub Cadet 70 With a 10 HP49 viewsA PO put a 10HP Engine on this one, runs great. I added a rear lift with spring assist. I don't use it to push snow with, I prefer a hydro for that.Heller1m
Cub Cadet 12387 viewsThis one runs pretty good. I added a rear lift and spring assist and headlights, I built a bracket and installed a push blade, I filled some nice skinny ag tires with liquid and put chains on them. Moving snow or dirt with a hydro is so much easier than with a 3 speed.Heller1m
Cub Cadet 12268 viewsThis old 122 runs really good and doesn't smoke, but it blows oil out the breather. I'm gonna have to investigate that one of these days, I hope it's just something stupid like the breather clogged or up-side-down, it really runs too good to have to tear down. It has a rear lift but no spring assist, it's also missing the headlight block out. Out of the 25 Cadets I have, it's the only one with a creeper gear.Heller1m
My assistant checking the tire tread90 viewsFix-A-Flat won't do much for that one...Ronny Bailey
Carl's Assistants125 viewsPeter Person
Lildog and his new assistant breakfast chef.293 viewslildog
Spraying lube to assist sliding94 viewsRick Prentice
60 viewsInstalling a GOV. seal with Earl's seal installer (black thing) plus Russ's installer as well. SteveB assisting.jeff silvey
47 viewsA little way into the stix. No cell phone service without an assistant antenna. (by Mike)randallc
33 viewstmays weilding his first time, GF Dorsi watches and Chief gives close instructions and JPcubs assist.randallc
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