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Cub Cadet 12268 viewsThis old 122 runs really good and doesn't smoke, but it blows oil out the breather. I'm gonna have to investigate that one of these days, I hope it's just something stupid like the breather clogged or up-side-down, it really runs too good to have to tear down. It has a rear lift but no spring assist, it's also missing the headlight block out. Out of the 25 Cadets I have, it's the only one with a creeper gear.Heller1mFeb 09, 2008
Cub Cadet 10680 viewsRuns good, this one already had lights and a rear lift on it when I got it. I use it to pull a box blade through the drive to keep the grass out of the middle.Heller1mFeb 09, 2008
Cub Cadet 12387 viewsThis one runs pretty good. I added a rear lift and spring assist and headlights, I built a bracket and installed a push blade, I filled some nice skinny ag tires with liquid and put chains on them. Moving snow or dirt with a hydro is so much easier than with a 3 speed.Heller1mFeb 09, 2008
Cub Cadet 122 Loader89 viewsThis little deal is fun, it runs great, the loader is a little slow and some of the joints are a little loose, but I can't fix everything all at the same once.Heller1mFeb 09, 2008
Cub Cadet 7045 viewsThis is a decent old 70 it runs good, not cobbled in any way.Heller1mFeb 09, 2008
Cub Cadet 70 With a 10 HP49 viewsA PO put a 10HP Engine on this one, runs great. I added a rear lift with spring assist. I don't use it to push snow with, I prefer a hydro for that.Heller1mFeb 09, 2008
Cub Cadet Original47 viewsSince I got this one I've added a rear lift and spring assist. This one usually starts before the motor has turned a full revolution.Heller1mFeb 09, 2008
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