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92 viewsmuleboss01/12/10 at 08:37BigBill: you can hard face that then grind and sand it as ...
lug bolt tapered washers155 viewsHere the print of the lug bolt tapered washers.BigBill12/21/09 at 19:05BigBill: I did the best i could draw with paint brush :roll...
My home brewed cow catcher on my firewood truck140 viewsBigBill12/07/09 at 09:42BigBill: My firewood truck with its cow catcher for making ...
155mm howitzers I built for the US Army118 viewsBigBill12/07/09 at 09:39BigBill: I built all the subunits on this gun thats all of ...
int154 FEL156 viewsHere we go its the beginning of something great. Every part will be made by me except for the hydraulics. I left the drivetrain in the rolling frame so i know everything will clear on the final assembly. Measure twice cut/weld once.

Remember what my professor(PHD) taugh me the strength is in the vertical.
BigBill09/04/09 at 15:12BigBill: What do you do when you have plenty of scrap steel...
My hobart 200amp 100% duty cycle welder144 viewsHere's the welder we just put the 1 wire alternator on. I had to make all the brackets.BigBill08/13/09 at 16:30BigBill: New leads from ebay
Bigdog's New Cub Finder491 viewsDonny M05/31/09 at 16:06BigBill: Unseen on radar but very deadly. Nice looking fig...
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