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Mowing Machine2143 viewsDonny M
Lanz Marking on casting1021 viewspatbretagne
Baby breathing life into Lanz1809 viewspatbretagne
Lanz Air Intake1073 viewspatbretagne
Lanz Air intake dismantled909 viewspatbretagne
Lanz Castin Logo891 viewspatbretagne
DSCN52458384DSCN5245 (Small).JPG
Mess of Farmalls on US 1 in Maine1262 viewsBuzzard Wing
DSCN51468285DSCN5146 (Small).JPG
Rufus on the ridge1209 viewsBuzzard Wing
DSCN51428281DSCN5142 (Small).JPG
Yeller one on the hill1439 viewsBuzzard Wing
9-03-05 008.jpg
986 viewsswivel for float action (6") on style 54 bladegotowin
9-03-05 002.jpg
aux. lift cyl & bracket on type 54 blade1629 viewsgotowin
9-03-05 001.jpg
1275 views1 1/2" bore X 5" stroke cyl. on cub 54 bladegotowin
8-22-05 004.jpg
1385 viewsaux. hydraulics 2 spool, controling front blade and rear fast hitchgotowin
8-22-05 001.jpg
1605 viewsload testing aux. rear lift cylgotowin
DSC01527 (Small).JPG
1805 viewsGary L
P001212 small.jpg
Don McCombs' Cub1468 viewsdon mccombs
3 bag mulcher/grass vac1479 viewsConverted JD grass/leaf mulcher vac. Works great!billyandmillie
1409 viewsbillyandmillie
getting #3 home.....JPG
1205 viewsmac from ns
Copy of getting #3 home...JPG
1041 viewsmac from ns
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