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Mowing Machine1918 viewsDonny M
DSC01527 (Small).JPG
1642 viewsGary L
Baby breathing life into Lanz1612 viewspatbretagne
Farmall Cub Triple Plow.jpg
Improved Cub Plow Blade1490 viewsImproved Cub Plow Bladeallenlook
9-03-05 002.jpg
aux. lift cyl & bracket on type 54 blade1480 viewsgotowin
8-22-05 001.jpg
1458 viewsload testing aux. rear lift cylgotowin
Cubmerged1359 viewsFarmall tractor submerged in farm pond.allenlook
3 bag mulcher/grass vac1337 viewsConverted JD grass/leaf mulcher vac. Works great!billyandmillie
P001212 small.jpg
Don McCombs' Cub1319 viewsdon mccombs
DSCN51428281DSCN5142 (Small).JPG
Yeller one on the hill1284 viewsBuzzard Wing
1266 viewsbillyandmillie
8-22-05 004.jpg
1226 viewsaux. hydraulics 2 spool, controling front blade and rear fast hitchgotowin
9-03-05 001.jpg
1125 views1 1/2" bore X 5" stroke cyl. on cub 54 bladegotowin
DSCN52458384DSCN5245 (Small).JPG
Mess of Farmalls on US 1 in Maine1117 viewsBuzzard Wing
DSCN51468285DSCN5146 (Small).JPG
Rufus on the ridge1063 viewsBuzzard Wing
getting #3 home.....JPG
1054 viewsmac from ns
P1010059 (Small).JPG
1032 viewsSon having fun. jeff silvey
Building site prep1027 viewsGrader bladedanovercash
1019 viewsBigdog
Original Cub Cadet955 viewsI bought this for $20 on 9-19. It was parked in an alley waiting for removal. When I expressed an interest in it, the Cub increased in value, but not much!
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